Practice Areas

Gerald B. Lefcourt, P.C., has built a national reputation for the aggressive defense of persons accused of crimes. The Firm represents clients from initial arrest through grand jury investigation, pre-trial discovery and motions, trial, sentencing and appeal. The firm also maintains a highly acclaimed national litigation practice representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex civil litigation in state and federal courts, as well as administrative and regulatory matters.

Gerald B. Lefcourt, P.C., often represents high-profile defendants in criminal matters, including every variety of white collar crime (fraud, embezzlement, bribery, RICO, regulatory violations), controlled substance violations, weapons violations and violent crimes.

Recent cases have involved allegations of:
  • election law violations;
  • campaign finance fraud;
  • bank fraud;
  • securities fraud;
  • insider trading;
  • money laundering;
  • tax fraud;
  • Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare fraud;
  • cybercrimes;
  • cryptocurrency related offenses;
  • customs fraud;
  • bribery;
  • embezzlement;
  • forgery;
  • sexual misconduct; and
  • weapons possession.

Recent clients have included an individual accused of tax fraud related to cryptocurrency investments; a real estate investor in the cannabis space accused of violating federal election laws, including campaign finance laws; ticket brokers accused of unlawfully obtaining and reselling tickets to various entertainment events; clergy members and religious organizations accused of or under investigation for violating tax laws; a campaign treasurer accused of lying to the FBI, failing to produce documents in response to a subpoena, and violating campaign finance laws; various individuals subpoenaed to federal and state grand juries as witnesses; a large mortgage broker charged with bank fraud; a metals importer charged with unlawfully importing goods from a prohibited country; an investment advisor accused of promoting unlawful tax shelters; a supplier of home health aides accused of Medicare fraud; manufacturers, brokers and middlemen charged with violating bans against trading with Iran and North Korea; a major record label owner charged with laundering drug money; and an individual accused of using the phone to promote unlawful sexual activity.

The Firm uses its litigation skills to represent clients in civil and regulatory matters, as well, including licensing and business disputes, often involving allegations of criminal conduct. Recent matters have concerned the application of provisions of New York’s limited liability company and limited partnership acts; sexual assault; the interplay of insanity and statutes of limitation; the denial of trade waste licenses; unlawful copying of a client’s trade dress; and exports and imports in violation of anti-terrorism statutes.

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