National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

-This site provides information to NACDL members, news and upcoming events.

-Links to both affiliate organizations and the NACDL sponsored magazine, The Champion, are included on the site.

New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

-This site provides information ranging from the Association’s guidelines to membership details and help finding an attorney.

New York Criminal Bar Association

-The site provides information to members about upcoming events, recent legal developments of interest and links to additional sites of interest.

-Provides very helpful contact information for state judges, police and court contacts.

-This site is a significant resource for research in criminal law, including cases.

New York Unified Court System

-This site serves as a guide to New York’s state court system.

-It provides a wealth of information for any citizen looking for guidance in New York’s legal system, ranging from the different types of courts to instructions for attorneys, jurors and litigants.

Blogs & Discussion Groups on matters of interest in criminal law:

The Criminal Defense Blog, Criminal Defense Lawyers Educating Consumers

-This blog is compiled by legal analysts and lawyers and is intended to be a comprehensive legal guide for civilians.

White Collar Crime Prof. Blog

-This blog is dedicated to scholarly exchanges on issues in white collar criminal cases.

-It also links to statutes, rules, the United States Attorney’s Manual and other useful material.

Cornell University Law School, Legal Information Institute

-This database provides free access to statutes.

Defending People, The Art and Science of Criminal Defense Trial Lawyering

-This editorial blog discusses the relationship between government oversight and civil rights as it pertains to criminal defense litigation.

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